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a2z add Terms and Conditions.


Welcome to A2Z Add. We provide a wide gamut of online resources that includes classified ads, updates, reminders, offers and discount, which will be hereafter referred as the “Service”. A2Z Add will be addressed as “Website” or “We” and “you” or “your” refers to the person or persons who accesses the Website or avail Service in many manner whatsoever like posting a comment, respond to an advertisement or browsing the Website.

1. Acceptance

This is a legal agreement between A2Z Add and users. Different terms stated in this document governs the use of this Website. By using the resources displayed on this Website you will agree with the terms mentioned. It is mandatory for users to adhere and accept these terms prior to using this Website. 
A2Z Add might refuse access to this Website on the ground of noncompliance of different terms. In case, you object to any terms or modification of the same, then you can discontinue your association with the company. However, you can inform your grievances to the customer assistance executives and they will address those concerns immediately.

2. Modification Of Agreement

A2Z Add reserves the right to modify, change or alter the terms and conditions, whenever it is required to do so. To stay updated regarding the terms and conditions, you must review it on a regular basis.

3. Content

All classified ads, posting, text, messages, images, photos and other materials posted on the Website is referred as Content. The responsibility of the Content lies on the person who have originated it. You need to understand that A2Z Add is not responsible for the Content displayed on the Website and by using it, you might be exposed to offensive, inaccurate, misleading, indecent and objectionable materials. 
We do not assure warranty, accuracy, authenticity and completeness of information. Clicking on links to other websites will be at your risk and you need to agree to bear risks related to the use of it. In no circumstances, A2Z Add is liable for any Content, damage or loss that is caused due to the use of the Content available on the Website. 
By registering or listing your mobile number with A2Z Add, you agree to receiving communication from the third parties, who intend to contact you. A2Z Add will not always approve or pre-screen the Content, but has discretion to delete, move or refuse the Content on the ground of violation of the Terms.

4. Third Party Services, Content And Sites

There might be functionalities and features like external links that will provide you with access to contents of third party like directories, systems, information, database, application, product, program, software and network and these are independent of A2Z Add. Your communication with a third party through our service be it delivery of services, payment for products, warranties associated is between such organization or business and you.
Prior to any transaction or communication with third parties, make sure that you do a thorough investigation. Abiding by our Terms and Condition, ensures that you agree that A2Z Add will not be responsible for any damage or loss that is caused based on such dealing. If any dispute arises between the third party site and users, then under no obligation A2Z Add will be involved in this process. 

5. Notification Of Claims Of Infringment

In case, you identify your rights of intellectual property have been violated or there has been an issue related to copyright infringement, you can contact us immediately.

6. Privacy Information Disclosure

A2Z Add has a Privacy Policy that outlines the method of collecting information and use of it. Use of this our Website signifies agreement and acknowledging our Privacy Policy. It is our discretion to disclose and preserve your information like IP addresses, email address and timestamps. If you provide personal information in response to marketing communication, then it might be shared with third parties.

7. User Registration And Information

Services of A2Z Add is available to everyone. You can register with the Website by filling an online form and by doing so, you agree that the information that you have provided is true and accurate. When the account is active, the registration process completes, if there is any change in account information then you need to inform us immediately. 
You can put an end to this agreement by sending an email to We have the right to block an account and refuse the entry of classified ads if the content of any classified ad is against the agreement or violates the regulation of local authority and other unsuitable purposes.

8. Accountability Of Advertising Content 

A user is responsible for the classified ad content that are placed on the Website. You are obliged to provide certified, true and complete information about contact details, business details and sufficient description regarding the advertisement that is being placed. You have to place the ad under the specific category. Users have to comply with the terms mentioned in this agreement and placing similar advertisements is prohibited. Advertisers have to inform consumers about their rights regarding cancellation or withdrawal of services.

9. Conduct

You agree not to email, post content that is harmful, abusive, harassing, libelous, defamatory, harmful to minors and invades privacy of others, pornographic in nature, intimidates, degrades and harasses groups or individuals based on gender, ethnicity, race, age, disability and sexual orientation.

10. No Spam Policy

Terms and Conditions prohibit sending unsolicited advertisements through our Website and system. Unauthorized use of our system is a violation of our Terms and Conditions and of various state laws. Such violations might lead to criminal and civic penalties.

11. Limitation Of Service

We have the right of limiting the use of our services like maximum days we will retail the Content, email messages, size of posting and frequency of access. A2Z Add has the right to discontinue or modify the services without any prior notification and we are not liable to users and third party.

12. Access to service

A2Z Add provides limited non-exclusive and revocable license for accessing the Service. We permit users to display information, or create hyperlinks to websites, individual postings regarding services till the use of such information is strictly non-commercial in nature. If number of postings exceeds the number mentioned in the Terms and Conditions then it will be regarded as violation of terms. Use of services that are beyond authorized access granted by A2Z Add terminates the license or permission immediately.

13. Termination of Service

A2Z Add has the sole discretion of deactivating, deleting or blocking IP or email address of users. We can terminate the access of users, remove any Content without any prior notice, if we feel that you have violated the Terms and Conditions. We are not liable, if a third party terminates the access of users of our Services. Our Terms and Conditions ensure that post termination, you cannot attempt using this Service.

14. Propriety Rights 

Our Service is protected and permitted by international treaties and copyright laws. Reproduction, creation or modification of portions from this website to any other location or server, without any written permission from A2Z Add is strictly prohibited by the Website. You have to agree to abide by copyright regulations that are followed by our Services.

15. Limitation Of Liability

A2Z Add is not liable in any given circumstances for incidental, direct, indirect, consequential and exemplary damages caused due to your use of any Service or Website. Damages may be due to use or misuse of site or the Service, from inability to use the site or the service, the interruption, alteration, suspension, modification, or termination of the site or the service. 

16. Indemnity

Abiding by this Term and Condition ensures that you agree to indemnify us, affiliates, officers, successors, agents, suppliers, employers and service providers harmless from demand or claim. This includes court costs, attorney fees charged by the third party based on the Content that you have submitted to our Website or posts that you have published through our service,or breach of trust or violation of different terms.

17. Disclaimer Of Warranties

You will agree to use the Website at your own risk. We will provide our Services on the basis of as and when available and no warranties are applicable to it. All implied warranties, including merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement of proprietary rights are expressly disclaimed to the fullest extent permitted by law. We disclaim any warranties for the security, reliability, timeliness, accuracy, and performance of the Website and the Service. A2Z Add disclaims any warranties for other services received through or advertised on the Website or accessed through any links.

18. Violation Of Terms

If there is any violation of the terms, then report it directly to us through an email. Any failure to act by us in respect to a breach by you or others does not waive our right to act with respect to subsequent or similar breaches by users. You understand and agree that, damages are often difficult or impossible to quantify, if actual damages cannot be reasonably calculated then you will be liable to pay A2Z Add liquidated damages.